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Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Server

What is a Virtual Private Server?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is basically the best way to go for a small to middle size business. I have personally built and maintained on all of the below three types of hosting configurations and have found that a Virtual Private Server is the best way to go. There are pro’s and con’s to all three types however.

What are the differences?

Shared Hosting
Shared Hosting includes our Business Class Hosting Plans. Shared Hosting is very similar to living in an Apartment Complex. All residents are in the same location and must share the available resources with everyone. These may include such things as the pool, parking lot, and play ground. In shared hosting, all accounts must share the available resources with all the other accounts on the server. These include CPU time, memory, and disk space.

The Pro’s:
This is your most basic which includes a simple Control Panel such as Cpanel or Plesk . It is also the cheapest way to go, from free to paid. Most people or companies start with Shared Hosting.

The Con’s:
Shared Hosting can have huge limitations on what your allowed to do, especially when it comes to email accounts. Most hosting companies pack the server with thousands of clients. The server load is always impacted at some time or another. Meaning your website will go up and down and you will be on the phone with tech support almost all the time because of this issue.


VPS Hosting
VPS Hosting includes our 4GB, 6GB, and 8GB VPS Hosting Plans. VPS Hosting is similar to owning a Condo. While you still share things on the property, you are ultimately responsible for maintaining your own property and repairs inside the condo. There is also significantly less residents per building and assigned parking. On a Virtual Private Server, you are allotted resources that are not shared by everyone. The overall CPU time and memory are shared across all accounts on the machine, but at the same time portions of those resources are always dedicated to each account. This allows for more power and flexibility than being on a shared account.

The Pro’s:
You have much more control over your website and email accounts. A VPS comes with what is called a WHM Panel that is separate from the normal Cpanel or Plesk. You can add multiple domains on it and even do reselling if you want. One can even do a reboot if things become sluggish for some reason. The list is quite vast on the benefits, but all in all it is the best way to go.

The Con’s:
The WHM Panel can be a little intimidating to most compared to a normal panel. But if you have a Webmaster such as myself, who knows what everything is in it and how it works your good.


Dedicated Hosting
Dedicated Hosting includes our Essential, Advanced, and Elite Dedicated Server Hosting Plans. Dedicated Hosting can be compared to owning a house. You are allowed and have access to all resources available on the machine. No one else's account resides on the machine (your house) and would not be capable of tapping into your resources.

The Pro’s:
Having your own Server whether it’s on site or off site gives you total control over everything.

The Con’s:
Maintaining a Dedicated Server is a job in itself otherwise known as a Server Administrator. A Dedicated Server requires a great deal of knowledge about Linux or Windows, such as making the Server Secure and installing all the modules needed and maintaining the updates. You won’t find very many Web Designers that want to take this task on and for good reason. It is best to keep the two job descriptions separate.

Allot of business owners can have a Server In-house which runs the company’s internal programs and thinking they already have a Server. This is a different type of Server as it was not configured to be for Hosting and even if you can run Hosting on it you would have all types of security issues. The job description for this is known as an IT person (Information Technology) which is a little different from what a Server Administrator does.