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(B2P) or (B2B)

Business to Person


Business to Person (B2P) or (B2C) Business to Consumers means you are marketing your Product(s) or Service(s) to general consumers.

People have unique wants, expectations, and tastes. B2P marketers draw on a deep understanding of the emotional and rational triggers that drive human behavior. They focus on developing and nurturing relationships and, in return, these marketers are rewarded with more than single transactions. Often, they earn a loyal customer for life.

When you introduce emotion and personal relationship building into your marketing toolkit. In a B2C setting, B2P marketing makes you understand that customers can’t be neatly grouped into concrete segments, but that using data we can start to offer bespoke programs that speak to their unique, individual desires.

At the heart of B2P marketing is engagement. Engagement is the process of forming deep and meaningful relationships between people, and there are three ways to drive it:

Provide a reason to believe: A fundamental truth about people is that we want to feel part of a movement. We seek out common causes that align to our personal beliefs. It’s therefore important that your customers know what you stand for as a brand.

So seek to inspire. Align people to the vision. Once they become personally vested, you’d be surprised how much advocacy they will drive.


Business to Business
Business to Business (B2B) means you are marketing your Product(s) or Service(s) to other Businesses. B2B marketing is not selling a toy for their child but rather selling toys in industrial quantities. But does that mean B2B marketing has to be equally industrial, non-personalized and detached from B2B prospect and customer needs? One needs to keep in mind that the person on the other end is still a human looking at your Products(s) or Service(s) but rather on a large scale and can they profit from it. Products(s) or Service(s) still need to be appealing to the business you’re trying to sell to.

There are different Marketing Techniques for selling Business to Business. An example would be sending emails or making phone calls to only businesses such as if you were selling car parts you would want to target AutoZone, Dealerships or Car Mechanics etc. where they would buy in bulk. Ideally if your product(s) could make it in to let’s say Walmart or Target, the benefits would be tremendous! When advertising you would not use “Buy a Teddy Bear”, but rather using words such as Buy “Bulk Teddy Bears”, using words such as Bulk Discounts, Volume Discounts, Quantity Surplus, Mass Purchase, or Gross Lot Amounts in your marketing campaigns.

Keep in mind that there are people that buy in bulk and resell, such as in Swap Meets, Flea Markets and so on. Figure what your minimums are for selling bulk amounts so you still make a profit. A great example is a website call “Alibaba” https://www.alibaba.com which does both (B2B) or (B2C).