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Flyer Designs

Flyer Designs

Flyer Designs are similar to Brochures but in general are handed out or on a stand to them when they come in to your store. This promotes people to impulse buy now that they see a sale price or giving away a free item after a certain purchase amount.

There are as many type designs are there are Brochures.

The Benefits of Flyers

One of the main benefits is you only need to design and print and place somewhere where people will see them such as on a rack or even on the checkout counter or both.

I really don’t recommend places them on peoples cars or hanging them on door knobs or sliding under the door of hotels like allot of Pizza places do. Although they do get allot of business from them.

Personally I just design them, but what someone does with it, well that’s their decision.

Flyers can also be used for mail outs as well to a geographic area usually by a third party company that distributes.

A great time of the year to hand out Flyers is usually right before a Holiday a few days before.