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Interest and Hobbies


My Interest or let’s say Hobbies has been quite vast over my lifetime. It’s very rare that I have ever lost interest in one, but have had to let some go because of funds or because of change in locations. Of course my main passion has always been Web Designs and Animation on a computer, obviously. I'll leave that out since it a give me.

I'll include a little bit of why I like them with each so you can better understand.

Hobbies From Present to the Past

Playing Music - Florida

Everyone loves Music including me. In the last year and a half as of today's date: 07-12-2016 I decided I wanted something soothing to do after work. Most people I've noticed just go home and sit on the couch and pour a drink and watch TV and that's their way of relaxing. Myself I always have had to be doing something. One day I went to the music / Guitar Store just to rome around. ( As a child around the age of seven my first best friend a little girl named Julie had parents that would play music, her Father played the Guitar and her mother played the Banjo. I was entranced by her Mother playing such a devise I'd never seen before and that had stuck in my head ever since.)

I passed all the massive amounts of Guitars and decided to look at their Banjos. There was no one around in the room with me but there was a sheet of Banjo Tablature and a Stool. I picked up one of the Banjos sat in the chair and within about 15 minutes was able to play the sheet of music in front of me. One of the store workers came in and asked if I was a Banjo player and I said no that this was the first time I've ever played one, he replied he heard me playing it and said there are very few people that can just pick one up and play them. I replied it's probably that I type all day on a computer using my fingers all the time. He said I'm probably one of those rare naturals. "Not sure if it was a great sales pitch or not ?" Anyway I purchased the Banjo and vowed to never stick it in the closet and to play for minimum 20 minutes a day.

After about month and proving to myself I kept my vowel I wanted to add something else. I went to a different Music Store this time but wanted something smaller and more portable. I explained this to the employee and he took me over to the Ukulele I did a couple of strums up and down and fell in love with it too. Again I took another Vowel and another month went by. Still there was something missing, so back I went and in short decided to go with an Electric Guitar and Amp. It's been a year and a half and no pun intended but I have never missed a beat. I have been practicing faithfully ever since.

Photography - Florida, Colorado

Photography is without a doubt super fun. I love taking pictures of unusual things. I always prefer to take photographs that I don't have to edit / Photoshop as it really is much more challenging.

Scuba Diving - California, Colorado, Florida

I've always loved the ocean and even more so from underwater. I have dove in places were allot of instructors would consider crazy. "I of course always take extreme safety precautions". I've done most of my diving in the Pacific Coast as California was where I was born and raised. Beside California Diving and living in Colorado for six years I had to figure out how to dive in the winter while other were snow skiing. So I got certified in Ice Diving in a lake in the Rockies and would take a snow board I go for about a hundred feet out tied with a rope, Put on the Snow Board, fill my Dry suit with air and flip upside down and have either people or a truck pull the rope so I could Snow board or should say Ice Board underwater. Put's a whole new spin just on it rather than going down a mountain and hitting trees. Since the of course I moved here to Florida and one day, hopefully soon I'll visit the Keys. But meantime Cavern Diving has had it's chance and after Ocean Diving it doesn't have as much appeal to me nor Cave Diving either.

Kayaking - Florida, Colorado

I started Kayaking back when I lived in Colorado. I went through a two day training course learning on what to do and what not to do when going down whitewater rapids. The course was insane. Keep in mind Whitewater Kayaking is for fast moving rivers and your enclosed with the Kayak. I remember my second day which meant going from a nice calm lake the day before learning to paddle to flipping the Kayak back over, seems simple enough. Let me tell you, when you go down a river with boulders and flip over it's a whole different story. All my training the day before seemed to have washed away after about the fourth of nine rapids, each of which got progressively harder. By the ninth and final rapid I felt like I had been hit by a train.

Since I've moved to Florida I bought a nice Touring Kayak "Open and on top of it" and easy to get out of. I've enjoyed Kayaking all over the Mid to Upper parts of Florida on Lakes, Rivers and even the Gulf.

Flying Lessons - Florida

Flying a plane is a blast. Back in 2013 I started lessons first on a Sports Plane, then Cessna and finally a Cherokee. I managed to get about 14hrs of flight time in. But sadly I was laid off of my job as the owners decided they wanted to retire. It's all good though as long as I keep my log book I won't loose my hours of flight time. In my past back in California I've had the opportunity to fly, Sail Planes, Hand Gliders and Hot Air Balloons. But one thing is for sure and my friends keep asking me to go with them is to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Not going to happen. Rather fly and try and land burning plane than to jump out of one.

Gold Mining - Colorado

Living in Colorado for six years and doing the usual stuff like Hiking, Mountain Biking and Fishing during the summer time and little to do in the winter except for skiing. One summer I decided to go on a long drive on and off roads in the Rockies for the fun of it. After about five hours and no GPS signal I got very lost in the middle of nowhere way out on a dirt road with multiple leading who now's where. I decided to stop near a trailer near a river and gather my thoughts on what to do and pull out a map of Colorado to see if I could figure out where I was. As I was reading the map a man with a white beard knocked on my truck window and at first I thought it was Santa Clause. I rolled down the window thinking I was going to shot or something even more worse being where I was. The man asked if I was here to Pan for Gold. I said no, that I was very lost and trying to figure out where I was. He replied the main road was down a little more way's. He then said but since your here you want to learn how to Pan for Gold since your already here. I hesitated for a minute staring at him and replied "yes" why not!

He introduced himself as "Jesse" and showed me some basic panning methods. Then took me over to the river and we did some digging and refining the pay dirt. After about three hours and finally down to the panning part I saw gold in my pan. I was ecstatic! As I was about to leave since it was getting dark and cold, he said if I would like he would teach me everything he knows about Gold Mining. I took him up on his offer and every weekend during the summer time I went to his place. He taught me everything from his 30 years of Mining, from Panning, Dredging, Mining to extracting Floating Gold.