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Newspaper Designs Max

Newspaper designing is the process of arranging material on a newspaper page, according to editorial and graphical guidelines and goals. Main editorial goals include the ordering of news stories by order of importance, while graphical considerations include readability and balanced, unobtrusive incorporation of advertising.

Design options

There is a considerable amount of design types for designing an ad for a Newspaper. Ad's can run from a simple text ad to a full blown page. It can be in Black or White or in most cases in color.

Newspaper Advertising

Advertising in a newspaper isn't as prominent as it used to be since more people are using the internet as a way to find what their looking for. However I have found that isn't always the case. Showing Discounts or advertising a SALE on your product or service with a half page ad can really have an impact when done on a weekend paper.

Newspaper Designs Max

People in general gravitate to certain colors such as Blue, Red and Yellow with large text showing for an example the words HUGE SALE or SAVE BIG more so than the verbiage of DISCOUNTED ITEMS. Along with this people also notice pictures as much more than the text. Pictures of money is another eye grabber as well and works great when blended in with the ad.

There are all types of ideas for advertising in the Newspaper, such as an Outdoor Sales Event with Free Food usually grabs people fast.

Having a Mascot with your ads can help with brand recognition. It could be a Dog or a Bird or a Lizard like Geico uses a lizard.

In these photos of some of the ads I ran for a company call LeisureMax we use a Dog. You would be surprised how many people would always ask when they came in to the store where is MAX the dog in the Newspaper ads. Funny as it is ( MAX was a made up dog from one photo we purchased from a Photo site. He really did not exist )

Thinking outside the box is something I love to do and play with to grab people’s attention.