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One of my passions is Photography but not for taking pictures of people, but rather unique structures or places. I also love to enhance them just as much as I do taking them. The below pictures were all taken while I lived in Colorado and each has it's own story. Pictures were all taken using a Nikon d7000.

Westminister Mall

Westminster Mall

One day I was driving down a road in Colorado and saw a bunch of heavy wrecking equipment tearing down a Mall, "The Westminister Mall to be exact" I noticed that they had left the entrance gate still standing, perhaps as a reminder to people of what once was. I was very intrigued and drove in to the empty parking lot trying to avoid all the wreckage and not get a flat tire in the process. I stared at this structure and thought this was the last time anyone would ever see it again as all the demolition crew was gone and by the next day so would be this structure. I took out my camera and took about a dozen or so pictures of it.

Afterwards I took the best image and using Photoshop turned the background to gray and left the colors of the entrance it's original colors. I had a poster made of it. Several weeks later I returned to the scene which was almost completely removed of rubble, except for a trailer that was there with a few people standing outside of it in suits. For some reason I left the poster in the backseat of my car. I walked up to them and asked what their plans were for in the future. One man said for now nothing. I told him about the picture I took and had made in to a poster and he asked to see it. I showed it to him and he got tears in his eyes. He told me he was the CFO of some company "I imaged he was from the Mall, I didn't ask" and that he wanted it as a reminder and he offered me a thousand dollars for it as long as I didn't make anymore copies and he would have the only one. The original poster had a title I put on the bottom that said "Once upon a Time".

Boulder Mountain

Boulder Mountain
Back when I lived in Colorado, I use to have to commute back and forth down a road along Boulder. Today just about everything is fenced off and has some sort of structure built within the landscape. One day after looking towards the Boulder Mountains from this exact angle I thought to myself what it would have looked like back in the old western days without the roads. without the several houses on it, without the fences everywhere. Although it was still a very pretty view, I decided to take a snap shot and take it home and remove everything man had built on it and see what it really looked like back then and that's what I did.

The Prairie

Old Wooden House
Most people think of Colorado still being and looking like the old western days, riding horses everywhere and wagons. But the truth is that there is almost none of that. Colorado is very modern today. One day I asked my friend that had lived in Colorado almost his wholle life if there were any old wooden structures left from the 1800's that he has seen. He told me that there was one that was about 120 miles from where we were and that was all he's ever seen. I asked if he could take me to it and a road trip we did. By the time we got there driving on paved and dirt roads we were exhausted and it was getting real cold. So cold that after we found this old western house I was only able to get the one picture and had to run back to the car to get warm again. Talk about a lucky shot.


This photo was probably one of the hardest ones I've ever taken. Danny which was my girlfriends horse "Quarter Horse" was in living on a ranch with seven other horses. Needless to say, I love horses but they can be very intimidating when your surrounded by them in a small area. My goal was to get the perfect shot of him. I spent three days being bullied by the other horses, charged at, having to jump the fence more times that I can remember. After about 11,000 photos taken he finally stood still long enough for this photo. The best part is if you look real close in his mouth you'll see a piece of straw which looks like a toothpick. He finally gave me the perfect pose in style.

Lake Loveland

Lake Loveland

One day while taking a radom drive I found this lake called "Lake Loveland". I wondered to myself hard hard it would be to get a picture of the sun reflecting off of it without it glarring in the photo. I sat in a parking lot and waited for three hours for the sun to glisten off the lake and for all the speedboats to clear and finally took the shot.

I went back to the lake again about three weeks or so later only to find they were draining it because of damn to the far right that was leaking. It was pretty much a mud hole. I don't know if they ever fixed it and refilled. But non the less I got the shot and only took three photos to get it.