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Script Designs can come in all types of forms. For example a shopping cart can be a script whether it's an Open Source or Purchased version. Most Shopping Carts come with themes giving a nice look and all you have to do is configure some setting in the Admin / Back end section then add your products. Some you can create your layout / design.

Scripts are not just Shopping Carts though. For example a Calendar can be added to your website with an Admin section so you can add events and so on. Some Scripts are a complete website and some are add-ons that can be added to your existing site(s).

A simple script such as a Newsletter where you add your email address to can be a script. The list is massive. To give you an idea check out this website called HotScripts and you will see a massive list from Free to Paid PHP Scripts. Scripts are not just written in PHP but can be in Javascript, HTML5, Ajax, CGI/PERL and many other types.

Just to name of few PHP ones:

Ad Management
Affiliate Programs
Bookmark Management
Chat Scripts
Classified Ads
Click Tracking
Clone Scripts
Communication Tools
Content Management
Contests & Awards
Customer Support
Database Tools
Date & Time
Discussion Boards
Email Systems

Script Creation?
I have written quite a few scripts in my time some of which can be seen here. Most of these are out of date as PHP versions change a coder has to keep up with latest version and for that reason I only re-invent the wheel if needed as it can be a tedious job to maintain and figure out what they did in the latest version of PHP to make adjustments. A big one that PHP change were what is called "sessions" which effected allot of my scripts, preventing them from working. Unless your business is to make and sell scripts this was not very fruitful for me and I decided to stick with pre-written scripts and modify if necessary for projects I work on.


These types of scripts seem to have held their ground throughout the years. JavaScript's can completely written in the Javascript code or have a combination of JavaScript with PHP or other types of coding languages. In general Javascript's are short pieces of code to do a function such as website math calculators for example. Some examples can be seen here.

Every once and awhile I get asked if I can write Javascript. The answer is yes, of course. Most of the time I don't have to as someone else has already created the code I need and I can just insert it. However when I was building Scuba Diving Websites they requested if I could put some Scuba Calculators on the website. These scripts didn't exist and since they didn't I wrote them from scratch. You can see them on this site: Roatan Charter.

Purchased Scripts
One thing to watch out for when purchasing a script of any kind is if it requires IonCube or Zend be on your hosting server, which is an indication that their script is protected. The reason I recommend to stay away from these types of scripts is that if the code protected in some way you won't be able to edit and in some cases change the look to match your site. In one case I have ran in to a paid script that I bought and every page and part was protected with IonCube which I contacted the company of course for a refund.