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Yellow Page Ads

Yellow Pages

Since most people now days seem to use the internet to search what their looking for Yellow Pages advertising has since gone extinct as most business owners will say. We'll that's not entirely true as there are still quite a few people out there that are intellectually computer challenged. If that wasn't the case Yellow Pages would have gone out of business a long time ago just as the Newspaper companies. I will admit that I'm sure they have taken a huge drop but for now they still exist and most of the people that read them are actually older and have money, more so than the younger generation.

Display ads come in a wide range of sizes, from a quarter-column to full and multi-page options, allowing you a greater degree of flexibility in design, color, type, and layout. Through the use of full-color photography and graphics, you can quickly grab the attention of your customers and deliver your message, along with your location, contact information, logos, and phone number. You even have room to describe your products and services, or to talk about your qualifications.

Display ads drive business your way. In fact, 67 percent of Yellow Pages users will reference at least one display ad during their search.

An engaging display ad catches your customers' eyes first and gives them a reason to choose you!

The larger the ad, the more opportunity you have to educate, inform, and sell to consumers.

You can add a QR code to provide customers with a point of contact, or to drive them to your business website.